The trail pheromone of the venomous samsum ant, Pachycondyla sennaarensis

Journal Article
I, Mashaly, A. M. A.; Ahmed, A. M.; Al-Abdullah, M. A.; AI-Khalifa, M. S.; Siddiqui, M . 2010
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Lab Work
Magazine \ Newspaper: 
Journal of Insect Science
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Ant species use branching networks of pheromone trails for orientation between nest and
resources. The current study demonstrated that workers of the venomous samsum ant,
Pachycondyla sennaarensis (Mayr) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), employ recruitment trail
pheromones discharged from the Dufour’s gland. Secretions of other abdomen complex glands,
as well as hindgut gland secretions, did not evoke trail following. The optimum concentration of
trail pheromone was found to be 0.1 gland equivalent/40 cm trail. This concentration
demonstrated effective longevity for about one hour.

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