Identification of the alkaloidal venoms of some Monomorium ants of Saudi Arabia

Journal Article
, Mashaly, A. M. A.; Ahmed, A. M.; Al-Khalifa, M. S.; Nunes, T. M. and Morgan, E. D. . 2010
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Lab Work
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Biochemical Systematics and Ecology
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The major volatile compounds in the poison glands of two Monomorium ant species from
Saudi Arabia have been identified. Monomorium niloticum and Monomorium najrane both
contain mixtures of alkyl- and alkenyl-pyrrolidines and -pyrrolines in their venom glands
but no Dufour gland volatile compounds were detected. Monomoriummayri showed neither
Dufour gland compounds nor venom components detectable by gas chromatography.

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