Effects of malaria infection on vitellogenesis in Anopheles gambiae during tow gonotrophic cycles

Journal Article
, Ahmed, A. M.; Maingon, R.; Romans, P. and Hurd, H. . 2001
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Lab Work
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Insect Molecular Biology
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We report changes in the abundance of vitellogenin (Vg) mRNA, and concentration of haemolymph Vg and ovarian vitellin (Vn) in Anopheles gambiae following infection with Plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis. A parasite-induced reduction in Vg mRNA abundance was first detected 24 h after feeding on an infective blood meal, when ookinetes were invading the midgut. During a second gonotrophic cycle postinfection, developing oocysts reduced Vg mRNA abundance by up to 33% and the effect was detected from 2 h post blood meal. Concentrations of Vg were initially reduced by infection during the second cycle, as predicted from Vg mRNA measurements. However, after 24 h, excess Vg had accumulated in the haemolymph. This accumulation may be due to impaired uptake, since ovarian vitellin accumulation was significantly decreased by infection during both gonotrophic cycles.

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