Professor of International Business & Marketing

Chairman, Council of Graduate Programs in Business

Director, PhD in Business Program

Director, EMBA Program

Visiting Research Scholar, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Trustee, Al-Baha Private College of Science, Abha

Trustee, Gulf Private Collges, Hafr Al-Batin

Trustee, Al-Baha Private College of Science
Catalog Description  MGT 630 - Current Issues in Management  3 (3+0) The main objective of this course is to discuss, analyze, and critique current management issues and problems, and to...
وصف المقرر إدارة الأعمال العالمية مقرر تحليلي حيث يتعرض الطالب للعناصر المختلفة التي تؤثر على الأعمال العالمية ويحلل بمنهجية علمية كيفية إدارة هذه المنشآت الدولية في ظل هذه البيئات.  وسيتم...
Course Objective: This course is divided into two parts. The first part provides the students with an intensive study of changing economic, political, and cultural environment in which the...