Brainwave Typing: Comparative Study of P300 and Motor Imagery for Typing Using Dry-Electrode EEG Devices

Conference Paper
Hadeel, AlNegheimish, . 2013
Conference Name: 
HCI International
Conference Location: 
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Conference Date: 
Sunday, July 21, 2013
Publication Abstract: 

This paper presents the findings of an exploratory study comparing two of Brain-Computer Interface approaches, P300 and Motor Imagery, with EEG signals acquired using the Emotiv Neuroheadset. It was conducted to determine the most suitable approach for typing applications based on BCI. Results show that while selection accuracy is similar for both, with mean of 50%, the speed varies greatly, with the former approach being approximately 2 times more efficient in typing. Implications presented in this document are useful for BCI researchers who seek to build brain-controlled Augmentative and Alternative Communication technologies.