MIS_555 e-business project managemnt

Course Description
The rapidly increases in the field of information systems projects requires a solid knowledge foundation of administration skills that have a very strong background in management and information fields . This course reviews contemporary information technology management and the relevant issues of effective management of the information Technology projects and service activities.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students should be able to

  • Identify the skills needed to understand IT Project Management
  • Discuss Organizational Context and it's bearing on IT Projects
  • Describe the idea of IT Project Portfolios
  • Use Financial Models to evaluation IT projects
  • Identify the factors that make a good leader
  • Manage the scope of a project
  • Build effective teams
  • Implement risk management strategies
  • Distinguish between project costs and budget constraints
  • Use scheduling techniques
  • Decide when a project needs to be crashed
  • Identify the critical chain
  • Effectively manage resources
  • Evaluate and closeout a project 


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