Fuzzy Control for the Start-up of a Non-isothermal CSTR

Journal Article
Abukhalaf, Aziz M. . 2004
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Lab Work
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Journal of King Saud University (Engineering Sci.)
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This paper addresses the control problem of starting up a non-isothermal CSTR. The startup problem

is of dual objectives. One objective is to fill up the tank and the other is to achieve certain reaction conversion.

The two objectives compete with each other because each has a different gain sign. Consequently, standard PI

algorithms may not perform well. In fact, nonlinear control algorithms can be tested for the startup control

problem. However, to avoid computational complexity brought in by such

nonlinear controllers, Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) can be a simple and suitable alternative. Specifically, FLC algorithm is applied for the start-up problem and its performance is compared to that of PI controller with gain scheduling.