Ali Abdullah AL-Salamah

Academic Promotions (Appointment) in the Botany and Microbiology Department, College of Sciences, King Saud University

Office: 2B38 BLDG 5

 Lab.   : 2B23 BLDG 5

 Fax: 014675833

 Telephone: 014675816-014675817



Address: 1- Department of Microbiology, College of

           Sciences, King Saud University, P.O.Box 2455         

                         Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia

               2- P.O.Box 89506 Riyadh 11692

Advance topics in medical bacteriology, group discussion of research papers followed by presentation of some selected papers ​course time Sunday 10-11
     Micro 621 Advanced Studies in BacteriologyCourse Content :    Advanced Topics in Bacteriology . Group Discussion of Research   Papers , Followed by Presentation of Some Selected Topics...
MIC 522    Mechanism of pathogenesis Course content:  Advanced studies and research papers in related topics including: 1-     External and internal barriers against bacterial infection 2...
Maryam AlTamimi, Ali AlSalamah,Manal AlKhulaifi, Hisham AlAjlan (2016). Comparison of Phenotypic AND pcr Methods for Detection of Carbapenemases Production by Enterobacteriaceae. Saudi...
Ibrahim, A.S.S, Ahmed M. El-Toni, Ali A. Al-Salamah, Khalid S. Almaary, Mohamed A. El-Tayeb, Yahya B. Elbadawe, and Garabed Antranikian (2016). Development of Novel Robust Nanobiocatalyst...