Adobe Fabric and the Future of Heritage Tourism, The Old Historic City of Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia

Bay, Mohammed . 2014
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Master Thesis
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Master Thesis
Architecture & Planning
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As historical districts become significant places for development in Saudi Arabia, especially the mud brick historical districts that are widely spread in the country, the need for a professional heritage tourism implementation plan becomes essential. This thesis address questions such as: what factors should contribute to the heritage preservation planning for an adobe urban fabric? How might such a district be valuable within tourism planning? Specifically, this research performs a case study of the historic district in Alula, focusing on the district's heritage tourism plan and its related aspects, taking into consideration the planning process, local community, government actions, collaboration and partnerships, and economic aspects that can shed new light on historic preservation practices in Saudi Arabia. Methodologically, this thesis identifies best practices and benchmarks from different scholarly sources that are similar to this case study in order to satisfy the research question.