Curriculum Vitae
Name:  Kesavan Vadakalur Elumalai            
Major: Applied linguistics
Mailing Address:
English Department – College of Arts – P.O.Box 2454 King Saud University – Riyadh 11451 – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
E-Mail:   ,    
Rank: Assistant Professor of English
Educational Background:
University: University of Madras,Chennai India - B.A. In English,
Year of Obtaining the Degree: March 1996
2- M.A.
University: University of Madras, Chennai, India – M.A. in English, Year of Obtaining the Degree: April 2000.
University: ManonmaniamSundaranarUniversity,IndiaM.Phil in English, Year of Obtaining the Degree: November-2003.
4- Ph.D.
University: SathyabamaUniversity,Chennai,IndiaPh.D in Applied Linguistics, Year of Obtaining the  Degree: April-2009

University: TEFL –InternationalTEFL-Education  ,India TESOL-Teacher Training Courses,Year of Obtaining the  Degree: September-2010
Employment History:
1- Assistant Professor  – Department of English language and Literature- College of Arts – King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 31/3/2012 to the  present.
2- Assistant  Professor – English Department- GRT Institute of Engineering and Technology– India from  June ,2010  to March ,2011
3- Assistant Professor - – English Department- College of Arts – 7th October University, Libya. (North Africa) from September, 2009 to March, 2010.
4- Assistant Professor – English Department – Indira Group of Institutions in India from April, 2009 to September, 2009.
5- Lecturer - English Department – Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology ,Indiafrom September, 2006 to  September , 2008.
6- Lecturer - English Department – Bhajarang Engineering College,Indiafrom March-2001 to  June-2006.
7- Lecturer - English Department – Thiruvalluvar college of Engineering .&Technology,Indiafrom September -2000 to  February-2001
Publication in the reputed Journals: 
1.A paper published entitled ‘Breaking Language Teachers’ Barriers to use CALL Programme’ in the International Journal of Information Sciences and Computing, Volume-II, 2008,Sathyabama University,Chennai-119.
2. A paper published entitled ‘Course Materials for Teacher to teach English to Engineering Students’ of Linguistics and Literature, Volume-VI-1, 2008,Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.
3.A paper published entitled “Acquiring Communication Skills Through Classroom Innovation: Teach to Reach a Report on Experience” in the International  Journal of New Horizons in Linguistics, Silver Jubilee Commemoration Volume, 2010, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.
4.A paper published entitled “Common Errors in the Basic Writing Skill with Reference to Native Speakers of Arabic Students in Collegiate Level” in the International journal of Language in India Volume 14:1 January 2014 ISSN 1930-2940.
5.Kesavan V.E (January 2015 ) Teaching English Language as the process of Teaching for the Second Language Learners, the International Journal of English: Literature, Language & Skills (Vol- 3 Issue-4 , ISSN 22780742,p-202-211)
 6.Kesavan V.E (April, 2015) Undergraduate Students' Co–Operative Learning of Reading Comprehension Performance in the Classroom, IJAR (Vol : V, Issue : IV,p.169-171 )
7.Kesavan V.E ,Iesar Ahmad Mohammed Mahmoud Talal Mohaidat (April, 2015 )  ‘Code-Switching and Code, ELT VOICES (Vol 5, Issue 1, ISSN: 2230-9136 ,p. 45-50 ,)
Papers Presented in the International Conferences:
1.”Communicative Teaching Techniques in Classroom’ in the Fourth International Conference on English Grammar (ICEG2007) organized by the Department of Humanities and Languages, PSNA College of Engineering Technology, Dindigul between 8th and 12th Jan 2007.
2.”Multiple Intelligence and ELT” in the Second International and 38th ELTAI Annual Conference held on 9th&10th February 2007 at the B.S.A. Crescent Engineering College, Chennai – 600068.
3.”Developing Productive Language Skills for Apprehensive Learners”, in the Third International and 39thAnnualELTAI Conference on Learning to Teach:A Life-Long Journey at Sathyabama University, Chennai between 8th and 10th February, 2008.
4.”Acquiring Communication Skills through Classroom Innovation: Teach to Reach a Report on Experience”in theInternational conference on Recent Advances in Linguistics, BharathiarUniversity,Coimbatore between 15  and 16 December ,2010.
Papers Presented in the National Conferences:
1”.Essential of Reading and Listening Skills for the Engineering students”in the  National     Seminar on Language Teaching/language Learning held at the Department of Tamil language, University of Madras during March 02-04 in collaboration with the Southern Regional language Centre,Mysore
2.”Techniques for developing Speaking and Writing Skills to  the Engineering Students “in the two day National Seminar on English and Communication Skills for Employability organized by the Department of English ,Anna University Chennai, during March 25-26
3.”A Methodology For Language Teaching” in the National Conference on Advanced Concepts in the Cognizance Of English Language ACCEL-08 on 28th March, 2008 organized by Development of English &Foreign Languages, Velammal Engineering College, Chennai- 66
4.”Integrating Technology Into Second language Learning/Teaching”in theNational Conference on Centre of Advanced Study in Linguistics (CAS- 2007) between 12th to14th December 2007 organized by Department of linguistics, AnnamalaiUniversity,Chidambaram And  Linguistic society of India,Pune&Central Institute of Indian Languages,Mysore .
5.”Ways to Improve Speaking Skills” in the National Conference on Innovation In English Language   Teaching , Organized by Department of English School of Science and Humanities on 27th  October 2007, karunya University ,Coimbatore.
6.“Using Video Technology in the Classroom”  in theNational Conference on Technological Advances and Emerging Societal Implication(TAESI-2007) on March 24-25,2007 organized by Department of Humanities and Social Science, National Institute of Technology,Rourkela, Orissa.
7.Teaching-Learning Process” in the 35th ELTAI Annual Conference at Anna University Campus, Chennai between 6th  and 7h Feb 2004.
List of Conferences and Training Programs participated:
1.Ashort term workshop on'Traning The Trainers'  by Globarena Technologies     and Hitechunder the         auspices  of Anna University conducted at Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology, Chennai – 69 on February 21, 2007
2.Aone day “Communication Skills Laboratory Course Training Programme” held at Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology, Chennai – 69 on  7th February , 2007.
3.A one day State Level Faculty Development Programme on “Communication Skills Lab”organized by Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology, Chennai – 69 on  6th October , 2007.
4.A one day National Level Development Programme on “Dynamics of Communication DOC-07”conducted by Department of English, Velammal Engineering College, Chennai on 3rd August 2007
5.\Two Day Workshop on “Communication Theory and Practice” organized by the Department of English, Velammal Engineering College, Chennai-600 066 on  21& 22 December 2006.
6.A One Day workshop on ‘Teaching Reading Skills’ organized by the British Council, Chennai on  15 December 2006.
7.A one day State Level Faculty Development Programme on “Innovative Teaching Methodologies”conducted by Velammal Engineering College, Chennai-600 066 on  30th August 2005
8.Ashort term course on “Quality Improvement Programme for Pedagogy”organized by National Institute for Technical Teachers Training and Research, Tharamani, Chennai between 17 to 20 June, 2004 . The major areas covered of Teaching Learning Progress, Learner’s Characteristics, Instructional Methods and Planning, Students Evaluation.
9.A one day  State Level “Faculty Development Programme“ organized Department
of English Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology Chennai-69 on 23rd January, 2004.
10.A State Level Two Day Workshop on “Technical English” organized Department of Englishby  Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology,Chennai-69, 18th and 19th December 2003.