(Biochemistry of Specialized Tissues (BCH 450

•Course Symbol & No.      : BCH 450

•Credit Hours                     : 2 (2+0)

•Prerequisite                       : BCH 347
•This course aims to study chemical composition, proteins, biosynthesis and biochemical role of the following tissues:

•1- Connective tissues in bone, cartilage, teeth,

•2- Epithelial tissue,

•3- Muscle tissue and basis of contraction,

•4- Nerve tissue and brain,

•5- Kidney and liver.

ملف مرفق: 
PDF icon 1-connective.pdf936.65 كيلوبايت
PDF icon 2-collagen.pdf2.49 ميغابايت
PDF icon 3-elastinkeratin.pdf434 كيلوبايت
PDF icon 4-cartilagebone.pdf1.2 ميغابايت
PDF icon 5-tooth.pdf4.88 ميغابايت
PDF icon 6-epithelial_tissue.pdf1.59 ميغابايت
PDF icon 7-muscle_tissue.pdf2.84 ميغابايت
PDF icon 8-nerve.pdf1.78 ميغابايت
PDF icon 9-liver.pdf1.39 ميغابايت
PDF icon 10-kidneylecture.pdf1.01 ميغابايت
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