Head of the CCIS lab Committee (convener) (Female Section) (Fall 2013/winter 2014/Fall 2014/winter 2015)

Head of Quality unit for CS Female section (convener) (Winter 2012/Fall 2012/Winter 2013/fall 2013/Winter 2014/Fall 2014)

Equipment committee CS. (member) (Fall 2013/winter 2014)

Travelling abroad advising committee. (convener) (Winter 2012) (member) (Fall 2012/Winter 2013/Fall 1013/Winter 2014)

Student advisor for master program CS. (Winter 2012/Fall 2012/Winter 2013/fall 2013/winter 2014)

Recruiting committee CS. (member) (Winter 2012/ Fall 2012/Winter 2013) Master committee CS. (member) (Fall 2012/Winter 2013)
Curriculum committee CS. (member) (Winter 2012/Fall 2013/Fall 2014)

Bioinformatics master program committee. (convener) (Winter 2012) (designed and proposed a master program in the CS department in Bioinformatics, pending university approval)