Seminars/conference presentations

EMC Forum 2013: Lead Your Transformation. Riyadh. November 4th, 2014. (Big Data, Cloud computing, VMware).

“Data Mining in Medical applications”“ invited speaker at the Medical diagnosis using ultrafast lasers workshop, Senatssitzungssaal, Leopold-Franzens Innsbruck University, Innsbruck, Austria, September 18th, 2014.

“BioInG in minutes”: Speaker at research day 2014, KSU, KSA. “Neat-MLD project”: Speaker at BioSM-2014, KSU, KSA.

EMC Forum 2013: Lead Your Transformation. Riyadh. November 26th, 2013. (Big Data, Cloud computing, VMware)

Poster presentation at ISBRA’13 conference, Charlotte, US.

Algorithms in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology. Seminar in the BioInG group at KSU. February 16th, 2013.

From DNA to protein. Seminar in the BioInG group at KSU. Dec 8th, 2012.

Introduction to Bioinformatics and all about BioInG. Seminar in the BioInG group at KSU. Nov 24th, 2012

Beyond a course syllabus: A broad minded students with different learning abilities. Best Teaching Practices in CCIS, Vice Dean of Student Affairs, King Saud University, March 21st, 2012.

"I Can!" Workshop on Mobile and Sensor Technologies for People with Special Needs, chaired by Dr. Eiman Kanjo, KSU. Oct. 8th, 2012. Facilitator for group: Portable technology for People with Hearing difficulties or Visually impaired.

Papers’ Presentations for ISBRA 2012 conference, Dallas, US, and ISBRA 2011 conference, Chungsha, China.

Seminar presentation at the University Health Network and the Cancer Research Institute (MARS), Toronto, Canada, 2011.

Paper presentation for RECOMB CG 2010 conference in Ottawa, Canada.

Paper and poster presentation for WABI 2010 conference in Liverpool, England 2010.

Paper presentation for SSPR’07 Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition conference Warsaw, Poland, October, 2007.

Seminar presentation at the Interactive Language Technologies (October 2006), NRC, to illustrate various ideas and proposals.

Seminar presentation at Toronto University (Cellular and Molecular Canter) (June 2006).

Seminar presentation at McGill University. (January 2006). Presented various seminars at Carleton University, Ottawa Active Participant in Lets Talk Science