Social Services

Established the Bioinformatics Research Group (BioInG) in Fall 2012 at King Saud University and attracted many students and colleagues to work in the filed and established collaborations with other research institutes through well funded projects. Coordinator for the group (2012-now).

Developed an e-course for Programming in Java 1 (CSC 111) using LMS and Articulate Engage to be used for teaching the course for all sections over all departments at KSU  

Article Reviews for Journal of Bio-informatics and Computational Biology 2013, Bioinformatics 2013, URC 2013, ISBRA 2012, SIAM Journal 2011 and the Journal of Bio-informatics and Computational Biology 2011, SSPR 2006.

Member of ACM, IEEE, Computer Society.

Volunteer in a well-known program called Lets Talk Science (LTS) that helps to increase the quality of science education in public/high schools (in Canada).

Judge for two science fair competitions for local High Schools (February 2006) (in Canada).