Personal Development


Courses in Ottawa University arranged by the Center of University

• ESG 5300 Theory and Practice of Undergraduate Teaching Research and theory on undergraduate teaching. Development of practical teaching skills for university teaching.
Ottawa University, Center for University Teaching

• ESG 8300 - Practicum in University Teaching

Workshops in university teaching practice, mentored practice teaching, teaching dossier preparation (60 to 66 hours).
Ottawa University, Center for University Teaching 

Courses in King Saud University

. EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics course 2014: An ‘open’ course to unleash the power of Big Data

23 March  2014 | 22 Jumada Al- Awal 1435, Duration : 5 Days, Time: 09:00 - 17:00 Location: EMC Computer Systems, Saudi Arabia Branch King Fahad Road, Al-Mas Center, Riyadh


Workshops attended in Ottawa University arranged by the Center of University Teaching:

“Clickers in the Classroom” (9/18/2009)

“Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education” (9/30/2009)

“Active Learning and Large Classes: Is It Possible?” (10/6/2009)

“How Acting Can Inform Teaching” (10/14/2009)

“Beyond Content Learning: Creating and Maintaining an Effective Learning Environment” (10/21/2009 ) 

“Improving Learning Through Effective Feedback” (10/27/2009)

“Effective Presentations” (11/18/2009)

“The Essential Role of Planning in Teaching” (11/24/2009)

“The First Class: The Key to Success!” (12/8/2009)

“Different Roles, Same Goal: How to Build a Strong Teaching Team (1/19/2010)

“How to Motivate Your Students: Useful Tools and Strategies” (2/25/2010)

“Best Practices in Integrating Online Components into your Teaching” (3/3/2010)

“Design and Delivery of a Video-Conference Course” (3/23/2010) 

Workshops attended in King Saud University:

“LMS Blackboard principles” (April, 2013)

“Uploading your e-course in LMS” (April, 2013)

“Virtual classrooms” (April, 2013)

“Designing a course using storyboarding” (March, 2013)

“Authoring Tools for e-course design” (March, 2013)

“Social network” (2012)

“Strategic planning” (2012)

“Introduction to professional certificate in education and university teaching. Professional development department, King Saud University. February 11th, 2012.