How to install LaTeX?
LaTeX is not a program by itself, it is a language. Using LaTeX requires a bunch of tools. TeX Distributions help the user in installing all the necessary tools, in that it is a single step installation process that provides (almost) everything.
To use LaTeX, you'll need to install a TeX distribution (MikTeX for Windows OS, MacTeX for Mac OS and TeXLive for Linux), a good text editor to write LaTeX source documents (this is probably where you will spend most of your time) and a PDF viewer.
If you are using:

  • Windows:
  1. Download MikTeX from
    1. Choose Other downloads
      1. Download  MikTeX 2.9.4503 Net Installer if your system is 32-bits
      2. Download  MikTeX 2.9.4503 64-bit Net Installer if your system is 64-bits
  2. Install a LaTeX editor of your choice, I recommend
    1. TeXstudio:
    2. TeXnicCenter:
  • Mac OS
  1. Download  MacTeX.pkg from
  2. Install the package by double clicking it.
  3. Install a LaTeX editor of your choice: TeXShop, LyX, etc.
  • Linux
  1.  Install TeXLive from your package manager.
  2.  Install a LATEX editor of your choice: TeXstudio, TexMaker.