Principle of Experimental Embryology 424 Zoo. (Theoretical and Practical)

1- To acquire students with basic knowledge of properties experimental embryology and the experiment that leads the understanding determination embryonic organizer, embryonic inductions and differentiation.
2- To enable students to understand some of the applied experiment like the, artificial insemination (AI) baby test tube (IVF), chimera, and Cloning. 
3- To enable students to construct the teratology methodology.
4- To enable students to determine the tissue and embryo culture.
5- To acquire students with knowledge regarding the cryo preservation  To acquire students with knowledge the stem cells and its application.

يهدف هذا المقرر إلى تزويد الطالب بالمعلومات الأساسية عن علم الأجنة التجريبي والتجارب التي أدت إلى فهم عملية التكوين الجنيني والتمايز الخلوي وبعض التجارب التطبيقية على الأجنة


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