CSC 457 Internet Technologies

King Saud University, College of Computer and Information Sciences
Department of Computer Science
1438-1439 Second Semester 
CSC 457 Internet Technologies
Time:  Sunday, Tuesday. 2:00-3:50 PM,
Date : 04-05-1439– 29-08-1439 H.
Location: Room 0160 31 1 A 013

Suggested text books and reference material:
1.      Computer Networks by Andrew S. Tanenbaum.
2.      Developing Web Applications by Ralph Moseley, 2007.
3.      Selected papers.
4.      Lecture notes.
Prerequisite: CSC 329 Computer Networks
You are strongly expected to have basic knowledge of the subjects of Computer Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming and Computer Networks.
Credit hours:      3
Instructor: Dr. Iehab AL Rassan
Office Phone: 467-6585
Office Hours: Monday 11 A.M –1 P.M, (This might change – always check my home page first)
Course website :
Section1 : 
Description of Course Contents:
An overview of Internet technologies (definitions, evolutions, examples, and, applications). Publishing and browsing technologies.  Internet tools. TCP/IP, IPv6, and Client/server architectures. WWW, HTTP and HTML for text, images, links and forms.  Database connectivity and indexing.  Data Compression. Web-based applications development: CGI scripting, Java, and PERL.  WEB site development and web services.  Security, and privacy.
Course Objectives:

  1. To understand background knowledge of internet technologies (definitions, evolutions, examples, and, applications).
  2. To understand how to publishing and browsing technologies
  3. To learn how to use internet tools.
  4. To understand  TCP/IP and Client/server architectures
  5. To understand  Web-based applications development: client-side scripting, server-side  scripting and the MVC design approach.
  6. To learn WEB site development.
  7. To understand background knowledge of IT Security and privacy.


Homework, attendance 15 %
Midterm Exam 1 15 %
Midterm Exam 2 15 %
Project 15 %
Final Examination 40 %

Note: Homework and projects are due at the beginning of class time on the date they        are due. They WILL NOT be accepted otherwise.

Topics to be Covered
Topic No of
Contact hours
Introduction to  Internet  
What is the WWW?
Web Pages, Addressing, Web Protocols.
1 3+1
The Domain Name System 1 3+1
Accessing a web page, Sending an Email, Name Resolution, Optimization of DNS performance 1 3+1
Electronic Mail - Architecture and Services, The User Agent, Message Formats, Message Transfer, Final Delivery 2 6+2
The World Wide Web - Architectural Overview, Static Web Documents, Dynamic Web Documents, HTTP –The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, Performance Enhancements 2 6+2
HTTP and What are Cookies? 1 3+1
HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language, HTTP Methods and message headers 2 6+2
Web Services 2 6+2
Security 2 6+2
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