Behavioral and Biochemical Consequences of Perinatal Exposure of Mice to Instant Coffee: A Correlative Evaluation

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بحث علمي
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Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior,
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.. 40, Vol
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, pp. 847-852
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Behavioral and biochemical consequences of perinatal exposure of mice to instant coffee: A
correlative evaluation. PHARMACOL BIOCHEM BEHAV 40(4) 847-852, 1991.--In the present study, the lasting effects of
prepartum and perinataUy consumed instant coffee by female mice on the behavior as well as on the level of activities of certain
enzymes in the tissues of their male offspring have been investigated. The behavioral observations of nonsocial investigation,
defense, displacement, latency to threat and naso-nasal contact has decreased significantly in offspring of treated mothers, while
the threat, attack, latency to threat and attack and number of fights have increased significantly. Hence, coffee has proven to be
an inducer of hyperactive behavior in these offspring. Such effects are both dose dependent and duration-of-treatment dependent.
Moreover, variations were detected in the level of AChE activity in the brain tissues of these offspring together with variations in
the levels of AcPase and A1Pase activities in their liver, kidneys and testes. Such variations in these organs have developed in
utero, making these enzymes convenient markers in teratological studies.