Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism



   Course Title:  Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism
   Course Number:   RHS 247                                
   Credit Hours:   3                                             

  Course Description Study of the structure, function and processes of the human mechanism by which speech  sounds are produced and received.
Course Evaluation 

30% Exam 1
30% Exam 2
40% Final Exam

Topics Covered

1. Introduction & outer ear
2. The middle ear structures.
3. Structures of the inner ear and the central auditory pathway.
4. Physiology of hearing.
5. Perception of sound, inner ear physiology and the role of central mechanism.       
6.  Muscles of breathing and respiratory physiology.
7.  The phonatory mechanism.
8.  Intrinsic and extrinsic membranes of the larynx, vocal folds and ventricular folds.
9. The articulator mechanism, orofacial structures, and facial skeleton.                                                                

Resources Used 

  • Speech and Hearing Science Anatomy and Physiology, Zemlin,W.R. 4th Edition.
  • Lectures
  • Handouts


Course Materials