Physics of Sound and Voice Production



Course Title:                   Physics of Sound and Voice Production
Course Number:                                             RHS 377
Credit hours:                                                          4   
Prerequisite:      RHS 247
Course Description 
 An examination of the basic fundamentals, concepts and theories of acoustics of sound and speech.  The application of scientific technique methodologies and instrumentation used in quantification, recognition and identification of speech and other acoustic phenomena.
Course Objectives
1. Developing and understanding the laws and principles that govern the transmission    
              of  sound waves.
2. Developing and understanding the acoustic properties of voice and speech sounds.
3. Familiarization with the procedures and instruments used in the analysis of speech sounds.
 Course Evaluation
 25% First Exam
 25% Second Exam
 10% Lab Exam
 40% Final Exam

Topics Covered:
     The Nature of a Sound Wave
       Properties of Waves
       Sound Perception
       Sound Properties
       Behavior of Sound Waves
      Tones and Resonance
      Auditory Perception
      Measuring and Modeling Speech Production
      Acoustics of Hearing
Resources Used
· Introduction to Sound, Acoustics for the Hearing and Speech Sciences.         Charles E. Speaks,  4th Edition.                    
Publisher; Plural Publishing Inc        
·       Lectures
·       Handouts


Course Materials