430 PHCL

Pharmacotherapy II-Psychiatric Module

This course continues from Pharmacotherapy I, introduces the clinical use of medication in the prevention &

treatment of disease and serves as a foundation for the delivery of pharmaceutical care. Pharmacotherapy I and

II serves the needs of all future pharmacists by focusing on core chronic disease states with an emphasis on

outpatient management. It is coordinated with Pharmaceutical Care I to provide more direct application.

ملف مرفق: 
ملف Course syllabus75.11 كيلوبايت
PDF icon Depression Rating Scale72.21 كيلوبايت
PDF icon NICE-depression216.67 كيلوبايت
PDF icon Generalised Anxiety Disorder278.33 كيلوبايت
PDF icon OCD-Obsessive-compulsive disorder241 كيلوبايت
PDF icon Bipolar Disorder182 كيلوبايت
PDF icon Parkinson Disease146.78 كيلوبايت
PDF icon ADHD244.32 كيلوبايت
ملف 430 Assignment 13.29 كيلوبايت
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