Lecturer, Department of Psychology from 22/02/1433 H and to the present.

- Mathematics teacher four years and six months in the schools of Riyadh during the period of civil 8/12/1428 e to 02/10/1433 AH.

- Mathematics teacher in the schools of years of Islamic solidarity in civil 1427 - 1428 e

 - Bachelor of Science and Mathematics / in 1426 / Faculty of Education University of Princess Noora Abdul Rahman girl / excellent degree with honors by 93.07%

- Master in Educational Administration / 1433 e / in the Faculty of Education / University of King Saud average 4.94 out of 5.

Name: kaznah Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Otaibi       
Nationality: Saudi Arabia Gender: Female Marital status: Single

Date of Birth: 19/06/1403 Place of Birth: blonde

Languages ​​you speak: Arabic / English proficiency over: Excellent / Good.

  Measures of intelligence and capacity (practical)

Personal standards (practical)