MSc. Courses

Zoo 543            Cell and Tissue Biology            2 (1+1)


Contents: Biological membranes and their functions, the chemical nature of genetic material, the cellular and molecular basis of chromosomes, DNA replication, gene expression and its regulation in prokaryotes, cellular tissue contents of bone marrow, brain and kidneys, macrophages, mast cells and the general functions of these tissues.

Zoo 542            Advanced Cytology            3 (2+1)


Contents: A brief study of the concept of the cell, cell growth and division, cell synchronization, cell cycle regulation, cell chromatin structure and function, the structure of the chromosome, nucleic acids, DNA replication and repair.

Zoo 551            Advanced Genetics            3 (2+1)


Contents: Mutations, recombination in bacteria, transposable of genetic material, genetic control of the immune response and cell division (oncogenes and proto-oncogenes), important studies in genetics such as the experiments of Lederberg and Tatum, Hershey and Chase, Melson and Stahl. Chargaff’s Rules and Griffin experiments, Watson and Craig contributions in the discovery of the DNA structure.

Zoo 552            Quantitative and Population Genetics       2 (1+1)


Contents:Genetic structure of the population, forces of gene frequency changes, small populations, measurements of variability, resemblance between relatives, heritability, selection, inbreeding and cross breeding, Metric traits, BLUB estimation.

Zoo 553     Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering       2 (2+0)


Contents:Restriction enzymes, cloning vectors and cloning, construction of genomic, chromosome and cDNA libraries, identification of specific clones sequences in cDNA and genomic libraries, DNA sequence analysis, application of genetic engineering, hazards and problems of recombinant DNA technology and the possible techniques to minimize bio-hazards.

Zoo 554            Developmental Genetics       3 (2+1)


Contents:Short and long term regulations of gene expression and their mechanisms in eukaryotes, the differentiation of the egg and maternal influences on development, study of the developmental genetics of Drosophila sp., vertebrates and the general principles of abnormal development.

Zoo 556            Advanced Cytogenetics            2 (1+1)
Contents: Architecture of viral, prokaryotic and eukaryotic chromosomes, nature and consequences of altered chromosomal structure, sources and consequences involving chromosome number, Karyotype preparation, banding chromosomal techniques, human chromosomes and the genetic maps. 
Zoo 558  Selected Topics in Cell Biology, Genetics, and Histology   2 (2+0)
Contents: Selection and discussion of recent scientific research papers in cell biology, genetics, and histology.
Zoo 532         Advanced Cell Physiology            2 (1+1)
Contents:A study of cells at the physiological level including the structure and function of organelles and membranes, enzymology, energy relationships and metabolic control, response to radiations, excitability and contractibility, the regulation of cell growth and differentiation.


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