Reliability Analysis of Healthcare Information Systems: State of the Art and Future Directions

Conference Paper
Gawanmeh, Amjad . 2015
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Conference Paper
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2015 17th International Conference on E-health Networking, Application & Services (HealthCom)
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Boston, MA
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015
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Testing and verification of healthcare information systems is a challenging and important issue since faults in these critical systems may lead to loss of lives, and in the best cases, loss of money and reputations. However, due to the complexity of these systems, and the increasing demand for new products and new technologies in this domain, there are several methods and technologies being used for testing these systems. In this paper, we review the state of the art on testing and verification of healthcare information systems, and then we identify several open issues and challenges in the area. We divide the exiting methods into three categories: simulation based methods, formal methods, and other techniques such as semi-formal methods. Then, we discuss challenging and open issues in the domain.