Internet of Things Mobile Gateway Services for Intelligent Personal Assistants

Conference Paper
Santos, Bruno Silva João . 2015
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Conference Paper
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2015 17th International Conference on E-health Networking, Application & Services (HealthCom)
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Boston, MA
Conference Date: 
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
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The wide dissemination of Internet around the world changed the way people communicate among them. The evolution of the information and communication technologies (ICT) or artificial intelligence (AI) allowed the creation of new types of services involving electronic devices with huge potential. The emergence of intelligent personal assistants (IPAs) is one of such potential example. Combining the IPA concept with the recent paradigm of Internet of Things (IoT), offers new possibilities and new services to end users, since they could learn more about other entities present in the surrounding environment. This paper proposes a novel mobile gateway solution for a ubiquitous mobile health scenario, in which information gathered from a body sensor network (BSN) is used by an IPA belonging to another person, typically mentioned to as caretaker. The mobile gateway receives real time information related to location, heart rate, and possible falls of the monitored person and acts as a communication channel between the BSN sensors and the IPA platform. Furthermore, the paper presents a performance evaluation study of the proposed mobile IoT-based gateway demonstrating and validating its feasibility.