CARPM: Cross Layer Ant Based Routing protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network

Conference Paper
Abazeed, Mohammad . 2014
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Multimedia Wireless ad hoc Networks 2014 (MWaoN 2014) Workshop held in conjunction with ADHOC-NOW 2014
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Benidorm, Spain
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Sunday, June 22, 2014
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Applying multimedia to WSN add more challenges due to the resource constraint nature of WSN and the strict QoS requirements for multimedia transmission. Different multimedia applications may have different QoS requirements, so routing protocols designed for WMSN should be conversant of these requirements and challenges in order to ensure the 
efficient use of sensor resources as well as correct multimedia delivery. The majority of proposed works for WMSN depend on traditional layered protocol design solutions which are inefficient for multimedia transmission that requires interactions between multiple layers. In this paper we propose a cross-layer based routing protocol for WMSN using modified ant colony optimization technique to enhance the routing efficiency. The proposed protocol searches for the best paths, which are satisfied with the QoS requirements using improve ant colony algorithm (ACO. The significance of the routing decision is given to energy consumption, and queuing delay. The proposed cross layer scheme works between the routing, MAC, and physical layers. The remaining power and timestamp metrics are exchanged from physical layer to network layer. Dynamics duty cycle assignment is proposed at MAC layer which changes according to traffic rate .The presented algorithm is simulated using NS2 and is proven to satisfy its goals through a series of simulations.