Human-oriented design of secure Machine-to-Machine communication system for e-Healthcare society

Journal Article
Saleem, Kashif . 2014
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Computers in Human Behavior - Journal - Elsevier
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In this paper, we propose a Machine to Machine (M2M) Low Cost and Secure (LCS) communication system for e-Healthcare society. The system is designed to take into consideration the psychological issues related to all actors in the e-Healthcare society such as: stress due to high workload, anxiety, and loneliness. The system is capable of performing most of the tasks in an autonomous and intelligent manner, which minimizes the workload of medical staffs, and consequently minimizes the associated psychological stressand improves the quality of patient care as well as the system performance. We show how the different actors in the e-Healthcare society can interact with each other in a secure manner. To ensure data privacy, the mechanism involves intelligent authentication based on random distributive key management, electronic certificate distribution, and modified realm Kerberos. The system handles dynamic assignments of doctors to specific patients. It also addresses the need for patients to share their health information with strangers while dealing with the privacy preservation issue. Finally, the simulation type implementation is performed on Visual Basic .net 2013 that shows the success of the proposed Low Cost and Secure (LCS) algorithm.