Graduate Student Supervision: Academic –Cultural Challenges

Conference Paper
Almater, Latifah . 2016
Graduate Students, Supervision, Academic Challenges
اسم المؤتمر: 
CASN Conference 2016
عنوان المؤتمر: 
Toronto, ON, Canada
تاريخ المؤتمر: 
الثلاثاء, آيار (مايو) 31, 2016
المنظمة الراعية: 
Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing
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The literature discusses many overt challenges facing international students and their supervisors. These challenges include learning a new language, financial issues (e.g., additional tuition fees), and cultural adjustment (e.g., learning new cultural mores) (Marginson, 2011; Trice, 2003; Yeh & Inose, 2003). While some of these overt challenges have being addressed by many universities (e.g., including language support services, immigration/ cultural consultation, international social activities on campus), what is missing is an understanding of the more covert challenges encountered by international students and their supervisors.  These experiences involve more complex issues. For example, academic authority challenges involving questions such as who is expert? ; One right answer versus multiple perspectives/ realities”; How to recognize and integrate the international student as an insider rather than outside observer? ; How to introduce philosophical perspectives (e.g., Feminist Theory, Critical Social Theory) without insulting the student’s culture; and what are the implications of this knowledge for the student’s future when returned home?
The most critical factor is the academic-cultural conflict that we define as a clash between cultural values and beliefs regarding the learning process. This presentation will explore the academic-cultural conflict encountered during our supervisory journey within a doctoral nursing program involving Western and Middle Eastern values.