657 Phys - Advanced Quantum Field Theory

2016/2017 Second Term

This is a PhD level course


  • QFT I and QFT II – From the M.Sc. program
  • QED – From the PhD program

Course Content (Preliminary, will update soon):

  • Functional Methods in QFT:
    • Path Integrals
    • The generating functional
  • Renormalization of QFTs:
    • Types of divergences
    • Regularization methods (Cut-off, Pauli-Villars, and Dimensional Regularization)
    • Renormalization of simple field theories
  • The Renormalization Group
    • The Callan-Symanzik Equation
    • The β-function
    • The Running Couplings
  • Symmetry Breaking
    • Spontaneous symmetry breaking
    • Anomalies
  • Non-Abelian Field Theories (If time allows)

Course Assessment:

  • Homework and Assignments (exercises, pre- and post-class reading)
  • In-course discussion (Student introduce and explain a specific topic to the rest of the class for ~15 minutes)
  • Take-home exams (Midterm, and Final)
  • Oral examination of the solutions to the take-home exams (one-to-one), OR
  • Presentation (Slides) of the solutions of the take-home exams.


  • An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory by Peskin and Schroeder
  • Quantum Field Theory by Ryder (available electronically from the Saudi Digital Library)
  • Quantum Field Theory by Srednicki (available electronically from the Saudi Digital Library)
  • Gauge Theories in Particle Physics by Ian Aitchison and Anthony Hey
  • I will provide a more comprehensive list that includes some good lecture notes and video lectures
Course Materials