Curriculum Vitae
Personal Information
Name: Anas Abdulrazak Maktabi
Date of Birth: 4/1/1966
Place of Birth: Aleppo, Syria.
Marital Status: Married.
Email address:

2001  Ph.D in English Literature, Indiana University of Pennsylvania,
         United States of America. Dissertation title : "The Representation
         of Islam and Muslims in Eighteenth-century British Fiction."
1995  MA in English, California State University, Long Beach, United
          States of America.
1988  BA in English Language and Literature, University of Aleppo,
1984  High School Degree, Scientific Branch, Aleppo, Syria.
Work Experience
1989-1993  Worked as a teaching assistant at Aleppo University and
                    taught English in the colleges of Natural Sciences,
                    Economics, Agriculture, Arts and Humanities (both
                    Arabic and English Literature).
Fall 2000    Worked as a Graduate Assistant in the English Department,
                    Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
2000-2001   Worked as a translator at the translation Center, Indiana
                    University of Pennsylvania.
Spring 2001  Taught an Arabic course for American students at Indiana
                     University of Pennsylvania.
2002-2005    Taught at Al-Assad Academy for Military Engineering.
2002-2005    Taught at the Police School in Aleppo.
2001-2006  Worked as an Assistant Professor at Aleppo University English  Department and taught the following courses:
                    Introduction to the Novel, Novel until 1800, Novel in the
                    Modern age, Classical literature, Introduction to Poetry,
                    Introduction to Drama, Drama in the Modern Age, Short
                    Story, Reading Comprehension, Composition, History of
                    Literature and Thought, and Translation.
2001-2006   Taught at the Institutes of Languages, Aleppo University,
                     the following courses: TOEFL, Pre-TOEFL,
                     Conversation, IELTS, and General Courses.
2003-2006    Taught English at Al-Mamoun Private University for
                       Science and Technology.
Oct.2006-2013   Taught English as an assistant professor at Riyadh  
                                        Community College, King Saud University.
2013-2014      Worked as a Coordinator of English at the
                   Deanship of Preparatory Year at King Saud Univ.

2014-present  working as an assistant professor at the English Department, College of Arts, King Saud Univ.
1988            Ranked Top One in the graduating class of 1988 containing
                    around 500 students.
1993            Received the American Scholarship "Fulbright" to study
                    for the MA degree at California State University, Long
                    Beach, USA.
Arabic: Native language.
English: Excellent.
French: Beginner.
Administrative Positions
2004-2006   Member of the English Department Council, Aleppo univ.
2006-2013   Council member of the Department of Arts&Education at
                     Riyadh Community College , King Saud University.
Spring 2000  Read a paper entitled "Colonial Issues under Investigation"
                     organized by EGO (English Graduate Office) at IUP.
2011   Translated a book entitled “Islam in European Thought” for the Translation Center and published by King
                Saud  University Press.
2014  Translated a book entitled “Critical Theory Today” for                 
                the Translation Center at KSU and published by  King Saud University Press.
2015  Translated a book entitled “Psychodermatology:The  Psychological Impact of Skin Disorders” for
                   the Translation Center at KSU and published by King Saud University Press.
2016 Translated a book entitled “The Islamophobia Industry:  How the Right Manufactures Fear of Muslims” for
               the Translation Center at KSU and published by King Saud University Press.                    
Public Lectures
Fall 2012  Presented my translated book “Islam in European thought
                 at King Salman Library, KSU, as part of the activities sponsored by the Translation Center with the  
                 cooperation of the Deanship of Library Affairs. A video of the lecture can be  found on YouTube.