Research Interests:

  • Wireless Communications and Networking

  • Vehicular Networks

  • Green Communications

  •  Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • communication protocols for the smart grid.

Graduate students are welcome to contact me to discuss collaboration ideas. 


Queueing Theory and Simulation (graduate course)
Queueing Theory and Simulation
P. Verma, R. Verma, A. Prakash, A. Agrawal, K. Naik, R. Tripathi, M. Alsabaan, T. Khalifa, T. Abdelkader, and A. Abogharaf, “Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications: A survey” Journal of...
Economical and environmentally friendly geocast (EEFG) uses traffic signals to communicate with approaching vehicles. The communication can be signal-to-vehicle (TLS2V) and vehicle-to-...