Professor and Head Department of Physics and Astronomy,

Head, Research Chair in Laser Diagnosis of Cancer

Academic qualifications

         Doctor of Philosophy in laser from Hull University, England, 1988, Semiconductor laser.

 Research Areas of interest

Quantum Optics – Laser Physics and Applications- Nanophysics

  1. Photodynamic therapy with medicinal plant nano particles

  2. Absorption and fluorescence spectrophotometers

  3. Optical Biopsy of Cancer diagnosis          

  4. Spectral Diagnosis of  Hemoglobinopathies

 I have published more than 150 research articles with highly reputed ISI index web of science journals. Mostly first author or corresponding author

 Total Citations Since 2012 onwards:3239.   H-index: 28

Position held on

Head, Department of Physics and Astronomy 2017- present 

Head chair of laser Diagnosis of Cancer  2009 – present 

Vice Dean of King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology ( KAIN) 2009- 2011

Head of Physics and Astronomy Dept, 2000- 2004

 Member of college of science council 2000- 2004

Associate  Professor in the department of  Physics, college of science, King Saud university,  2003.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, college of science, King Saud university, 1988-2003.

Demonstrator  in the Department of Physics Dept, college of science, King Saud University, 1981-1982.

 Academic Committees            

Member of the following Committees: University  Community week in college of science Safety and Security  in college of science Higher studies in Physics Department

Teaching Experience

I thought different undergraduate courses: general Physics, classical mechanics,  mathematical physics, Optics, Electromagnetic Theory, Modern physics, solid state, laser physics

 Master courses: Advanced laser Physics, Laser Applications,  Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy Supervised many third year projects

Research Experience

1 .List of Translated books:    I have translated the following books  in Arabic with the help of other colleagues

• Laser Principles and Applications     by Wilson/ Hawkes

• Elementary Solid State Physics          by M. Ali. Omer

• Introduction to Optics                         by  F. L. Pedrotti and J. Pedrotti

• Two books in nanotechnology            under preparation

  • ZnO nanostructures toxicity and phototoxicity characteristics towards biological samples. Book Chapter Zinc Oxide Nanostructures : Advances and Applications  2013by Pan Stanford Publishing  M. Willander, O. Nur, M. Fakhr-e-Alam, M. Atif, and M. S. AlSalh

  • Nano-Insecticides for the Control of Human and Crop Pests".  Book:Short Views on Insect Genomics and Proteomics. 229-251. Publisher: Springer International Publishing.  K Murugan, Chandrasekar Raman, C Panneerselvam, P Madhiyazhagan, J Subramanium, D Dinesh, Jiang-Shiou Hwang, Jiang Wei, M. S. AlSalhi, S Devanesan"

2. Supervising Thesis

Main Supervisor

1. Preparence and Planning for Radioactive materials accident, completed 2003.

2. Laser Radiation  effects on the performance of  Silicon Solar Cells, completed 2004.

3. The optical characteristics of 5-Aminolevulnic acid used in the treatment of Cancer, completed 2005.

4. Biophysical Characteristic of Blood Upon irradiation with low power He-Ne laser,  completed 2005.

5. Laser radiation Effects on Growth of Wheat, completed 2006.

6. Optical diagnosis of patients' blood  sickle cells, completed 2007.

7. Laser Photodynamic Damage and native autofluorescence of some concerned cell lines, completed 2008.

8. Identification of automobile petrol adulteration by using optical methods, completed 2008.

9. Amplified spontaneous emission from conjugated MEH-PPV Polymer, completed 2008.

10. Spectral properties and laser emission from conjugated PDEHF-PPV polymer, completed 2009.

11. Gain and Amplified spontaneous emission properties of MDMO-PPV conjugated polymer, 2011. 


1. Detection of Cancer By Optical Methods, completed 2003.

2. The effect of neutron irradiation on the Characteristics of Vertical cavity semiconductor laser, completed 2004.

3. Spectral Properties of Cancer Patients Blood, completed 2004.

Granted US Patents 

11. V. Masilamani, M.S.AlSalhi, S.Devanesan Spectral Method For Quantifying Hemoglobin Fragility Caused By Smoking. Grant No: US 9726679 B2, Aug 2017

10. S. Prasad, M.S. AlSalhi, V. Masilamani. Temperature tuned conjugated polymer laser. Grant No: US 9698561 B1, Jul 2017

9.  V. Masilamani, M.S.AlSalhi, Karim H. Farhat, Danny  Rabah, S. Prasad, S.Devanesan  “Method of detecting bladder cancer by optical analysis of bodily fluids" Grant No: US 9733187 B2, Aug 2017

8. M. S. AlSalhi, V. Masilamani, Farjah H. Gahtani “Method of detecting thalassemia by optical analysis of blood components. Grant No: US 9347885 B2, May,24,2016

7. Munir H Nayfeh, Matthew Stupka, Turki Al Saud, M.S. AlSalhi. Silicon nanoparticle photovoltaic devices. Grant No: US 9263600 B2, Feb, 02,2016

6. Al-Khalid Isam Zuhaier,  M. S. AlSalhi, V. Masilamani, “Method for Enhancing the Shelf Life of Blood and Donor Blood by Laser Biostimulation”  Grant No: US 9011766 B2. April  21, 2015

5. M.S. AlSalhi,  Akram  Ahmed Alfuraydi,  S. Devanesan “Green Synthesis of Silver Nano Particles from Pimpinella Anisum Seed Extract” Grant No: US 9144544 B1, Sep 29,2015

4. V. Masilamani, M. S. AlSalhi, Danny M. Rabah “Method for Discriminating Between Benign and Malignant Prostate Tumors” Grant No: US 8213005 , B2. Jul 03, 2012. 

3. V. Masilamani, M. Elangovan, M. S. AlSalhi, Abdulrahman Al-Diab. “Lung Cancer Detection by Optical Analysis of Body Fluids” Grant No: US 8,208, 142, B2 – June 26, 2012.

2. A.S. Aldwayyan, M.S. AlSalhi, A.M. Aldukhai, M. S. Alhoshan, M. N. Khan, G. K. AlChaar, Munir H. Nayfeh; "Organosilicon nanosilicon composites and fabrication methods",Grant No: US20100234204 A1 Sep- 2010

1.  V. Masilamani, Danny Rabah, M. S. AlSalhi “A Laser Detector for Bladder Cancer by (photo dynamic) spectra of urine” Registered Feb 2014 (US)

Submitted US Patents

3.   M. S. AlSalhi, V. Masilamani, M.Atif. Laser Measurement of Severity of Hemophilia. File No: 052017-00748 (13-5-2017)

2. M. S. AlSalhi, S. Devanesan. Antimicrobial Agent on Biologically Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles using Abelmoschus Esculentus Flower. Docket No. 32809.80

1. M. S. AlSalhi, S. Devanesan, Akram  Ahmed Alfuraydi, Mysoon M.F. Al-Ansari.  Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Sesame (Sesamum indicum) Oil Cake and their use as Cytotoxins on MCF-7 Cell Line” : Docket No. 32809.55.

List of Publications with Web Science Journals

I have published more than 150 research articles with highly reputed ISI index web of science journals

List of selected publications with highly cited articles

1. Silver nanoparticle applications and human health Clinica chimica acta 411(23); (2010): 1841-1848 (Time of cited 720)

2. Oxidative stress mediated apoptosis induced by nickel ferrite nanoparticles in cultured A549 cells. Toxicology 283(2); (2011): 101-108 (Time of cited 177)

3. Structural and thermal studies of silver nanoparticles and electrical transport study of their thin films. Nanoscale research letters 6(1);(2011): 434 (Time of cited 141)

4. ZnO nanorod-induced apoptosis in human alveolar adenocarcinoma cells via p53, survivin and bax/bcl-2 pathways: role of oxidative stress. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 7 (6); (2011):904-913 (Time of cited 130)

5. Enhancement of polycrystalline silicon solar cells using ultrathin films of silicon nanoparticle. Applied Physics Letters 91(6);(2007) 063107 (Time of cited 124)

6. Recent advances in conjugated polymers for light emitting devices. International journal of molecular sciences 12 (3); (2011) 2036-2054 (Time of cited 110)

7. Cancer diagnosis by autofluorescence of blood components.  Journal of Luminescence 109 (3); (2004) 143-154 (Time of cited 89)

8. IR and UV spectral studies for rare earths-doped tellurite glasses. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 465 (1-2); (2008) 333-339 (Time of cited 82)

9. Green synthesis, characterization and evaluation of biocompatibility of silver nanoparticles.  Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 43(6); (2011): 1266-1271 (Time of cited 63)

10. Nanostructured metal oxides based enzymatic electrochemical biosensors.  Biosensors DOI: 10.5772/7201 (Time of cited 53)

11.  Multipurpose effectiveness of Couroupita guianensis-synthesized gold nanoparticles: high antiplasmodial potential, field efficacy against malaria vectors and synergy with Aplocheilus lineatus predators. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 23 (8); (2016) 7543-7558 (Time of cited 48)


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