Performance tuning of MapReduce jobs using surrogate-based Modeling

Conference Paper
Taufer, Travis Johnston, Mohammad Alsulmi, Pietro Cicotti, and Michela . 2015
Conference Name: 
International Conference on Computational Science
Conference Date: 
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Publication Abstract: 

Modeling workflow performance is crucial for finding optimal configuration parameters and optimizing execution times. We apply the method of surrogate-based modeling to performance tuning of MapReduce jobs. We build a surrogate model defined by a multivariate polynomial containing a variable for each parameter to be tuned. For illustrative purposes, we focus on just two parameters: the number of parallel mappers and the number of parallel reducers. We demonstrate that an accurate performance model can be built sampling a small set of the parameter space. We compare the accuracy and cost of building the model when using different sampling methods as well as when using different modeling approaches. We conclude that the surrogate-based approach we describe is both less expensive in terms of sampling time and more accurate than other well-known tuning methods.