Examining semantic based query reformulations for clinical based retrieval

Conference Paper
Carterette, Mohammad Alsulmi and Ben . 2016
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Text Retrieval Conference
Conference Date: 
Thursday, November 17, 2016
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The Clinical Decision Support (CDS) track for this year contains only one task with 30 topics; however, a new challenge has been introduced to the participants, which is using unstructured clinical notes as a new representation for queries. Now, three query forms are used for this task: notes, descriptions, and summaries. Admission notes are the longest form of clinical cases and describe a patient's main complaint, relevant medical history, and any other related information (e.g., lab work). Each note is expected to contain a significant number of abbreviations in addition to other linguistic jargon and style. On the other hand, descriptions are shorter than notes and contain more readable abbreviations with most of the linguistic jargon removed. Finally, summaries represent the most concise form of clinical cases and they are shorter than both notes and descriptions with two or three sentences to describe each clinical case.