QUA 107 Introduction to Statistics in Business

The aim of this course is to: Provide students with the basic concepts and terminology of statistical science (Definition of statistical science, Types of statistical data, Population, Variable, Types of variables, Population parameter, Sample, Sampling methods (Probability & Non-Probability), Random variable, Sample statistic).
• Cover different methods of arranging & tabulation and presentation of data.
• Teach the student probability theory.
• to prepare the students to perform scientific interpretation of economic and social phenomena to assist in various policy and decision-making.
• Using statistical programs (such as SPSS or Microsoft Excel)
• Using recent technology methods to teach and illustrate the subjects, which include preparation and processing of course electronically.
• Update the course as a result of new research in the field.
• Update the references regularly.
• Apply the studied methods on real life problems.
Course Description
• Basic concepts of statistics
• Tabulation and classification of data.
• Pictorial representation of data.
• Numerical descriptions of data.
• Probability theory.
• Simple linear regression and correlation.
• Time series analysis
• Index numbers.

Course Materials