Development of spermatic granuloma in albino rats following administration of water extract of Heliotropium bacciferum Forssk

Journal Article
M, Alanazi K, Alahmadi BA, Alhimaidi A, Abou-Tarboush FM, Farah MA, Mahmoud A, Alfaifi . 2016
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KSU Research Work
Heliotropium bacciferum; Spermatic granuloma; Toxicity
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Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
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A spermatic granuloma is a chronic inflammatory reaction produced in response to extravasated sperm within the intertubular connective tissue. The present study investigates the possible toxic effects of water extract of Heliotropium bacciferum on the reproductive system of male albino rats and the associated potential for the development of spermatic granulomas. H. bacciferum is a herbal plant used in traditional medicine and reported to have cytotoxic effects due to pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Histological examinations revealed no changes in the tissues of the testes, although, some changes were detected in the cauda epididymis, the most important of which was the development of small lesions of spermatic granulomas. Clear gaps were observed between the epithelial linings of the epididymal tubules.