Pharmacological credence of the folklore use of Bauhinia malabarica in the management of jaundice

Journal Article
, K. Thenmozhi , N. Anusuya, M. Ajmal Ali , S. Jamuna , K. Karthika, A. Venkatachalapathi , F.M. Al-Hemaid , M.A. Farah, S. Paulsamy . 2017
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KSU Research Work (Accepted, Article in Press)
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Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
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The information on the hepatoprotective effect of Bauhinia malabarica Roxb. (Family Leguminosae) used in the folkloric medical practice in Malabar coast and Walayar valley of southern India for the treatment of liver related disorders is completely unknown. Hence, the efficacy of the aqueous methanolic extract of stem bark of B. malabarica (AqMeOH-Ba) was evaluated for liver function serum biochemical markers along with the antioxidant markers in liver tissues of Wistar albino rats. The biochemical observations as well as the histopathological examination of liver sections manifested considerable hepatoprotective activity of B. malabarica stem bark, and thus validated the folkloric claim.