Ovarian development and histological observations of threatened dwarf snakehead fish, Channa gachua (Hamilton, 1822)

Journal Article
, James Milton, Ajaz A. Bhat, M.A. Haniffa, Shaik Althaf Hussain, Irfan A. Rather, Khalid Mashay Al-Anazi Waleed A.Q. Hailan, Mohammad Abul Farah . 2017
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KSU Research Work
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Channa gachua were monthly sampled throughout a year and the histological analysis of their ovaries
was done to determine the changes occurring in ovarian development. Based on histological examination
of the ovaries, the oogenic process of C. gachua undergoes distinct cyclic and seasonal morphological
changes. Five different developmental stages were identified under three major categories:
pre-spawning (immature, maturing, mature), spawning (ripe-running) and post-spawning (spent). The
peak spawning period of C. gachua was noticed during December - February. The gonadosomatic index
(GSI) and ova diameter ranged from 0.79 to 3.61% and 543–1123 lm respectively. The highest mean
GSI (3.61 ± 0.16) and oocyte diameter (1123 ± 55 lm) were observed in December indicating that during
this month the gonadal development reached maturity.

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