Professor, ENT Department

Consultant Phoniatrician, Communication and Swallowing disorders

Deputy Chairman, Communication and Swallowing Disorders Unit

King AbdulAziz University Hospitals

Supervisor, Swallowing Disorders clinics, King Khalid University Hospitals

Member, Research Chair of Voice And Swallowing Disorders, RCVASD

College of Medicine

King Saud University


This series of lectures covers swallowing and its disorders starting from a historical perspective of swallowing, passing througth the normal anatomy and physiology of swallowing, different...
Two lectures of ORL 432 course: - Communication and Swallowing Disorders Part I - One hour - Commuincation and Swallowing Disorders Part II - One hour
The Dysphagia Handicap Index (DHI) is a 25-item self-administered questionnaire. It is a noninvasive tool for measuring the handicapping effect of dysphagia on the physical, functional, and...
Objective. The aims of this study were to obtain normative nasalance scores for a normal Saudi population with different ages and genders, to develop nasometric Arabic speech materials, and...
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:  Hump reduction in the presence of short nasal bones can result in significant esthetic and/or functional problems in patients seeking rhinoplasty in the Middle...