English 374 Survey of American Literature

King Saud University                           Course Syllabus
College of Arts                                                                                   Semester: II
            Academic Year: 1436/1437 (2015/2016)
Instructor’s information:

Instructor’s name  Mohrah AlOtaibi
Office Hours  Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10:00- 11:00
 Wednesday 12:00-01:00
Office number Building 1, Floor 3, Office #90
Email address  mohrah@ksu.edu.sa
Website    http://fac.ksu.edu.sa/mohrah/home

Course information:

Course Title Survey of American Literature
Course Number 374
Course description The course is a survey of American literature from 1620 to the present. The course starts with readings from Native American literature and  then an emphasis on the major American writers’ writings. A novel is studied representative of  the realistic literary period  whose master is Mark Twain.
Course Objectives (i.e. Learning Outcomes as specified in the Course Specifications) Students should be able to:
1- Identify the major figures and major works of American literature.
2-  Identify and explain the defining characteristics of American literary works.
       3- Provide meaningful analysis of the discussed literary works.
       4- Demonstrate an understanding of the intellectual  and social contexts of
           the  literary works.
Textbook 1-      A booklet will be available for purchase in the student copy center.
2-      Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Supplementary Reading The Norton Anthology of American literature 7th shorter ed. vols 1,2.

Methods of assessment:

Type Distribution of Marks Date of Administration Date of Feed-back (approximate)*
Quiz (2) 10% Each 1st Quiz Thursday 18/2
2nd  Quiz Thursday 7/4
Next Class
Midterm (1) 20%  Sunday 24/3 1-2 weeks
Assignments  10% Throughout the semester


1-2 weeks
Research Paper 10% 10/3


2-3 weeks
Final Exam 40% End of semester   
Additional notes (such as makeup policy):
No make-ups will be offered for quizzes with or without an excuse. Late submissions of assignments will be penalized with a one-point-deduction each late day.
Students who miss a midterm are supposed to provide me with an excuse for their absence. Only students with valid excuses will take a make-up exam. The exam will cover the entire syllabus and will take place during the review week.

Weekly Syllabus:

Week Topic  
1 Registration Week  
2+3 Introduction to American Literature
Introduction to Early Native American Literature
“They Came From the East”
“The Beginning Sickness”
4 The Historical, Social and Religious Background of the Colonial Period in America  
5 William Bradford Of Plymouth Plantation
Anne Bradstreet- “The Prologue” , “To My Dear and Loving Husband”
6 Introduction to the Revolutionary Period
J. Hector St. John Creveceour- “Letters from an American Farmer”
Phillis Wheatley- “On Being brought from Africa to America”
(9 is the Mid-semester break)
Introduction to the Era of Expansion
The Romance:
Nathiel Hawthorne- “Young Goodman Brown”
Edgar Allen Poe- “The Raven”
Ralph Waldo Emerson- “Self Reliance”
11+12 Introduction to the Age of Realism
Mark Twain- Huckleberry Finn
13 Introduction to Modernism
William Faulkner- “A Rose for Emily”
Ezra Pound “In a Station of the Metro”
Maya Angelou- “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”
15 Review   
Revision Week  


Course Materials