English 318 Survey of British Literature

Course Title
 Survey of British Literature
Course Number
ENG 318
Course description
This course provides a concise history of British literature from the age of Chaucer to the present day. It deals briefly with the earlier periods and more fully with the later landmark periods in the literature of Great Britain. It focuses on the prose, poetry, and drama of Great Britain within a chronological framework. Attention is focused upon the major writers of each period and genre, laying emphasis on the course of development and the leading characteristics throughout the history of British literature.
Course Objectives (i.e. Learning Outcomes as specified in the Course Specifications)
1. Identify and explain the fundamental features of the genres of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and drama
2. Define key literary terms/concepts and implement these in oral/written discussion as well as in literary interpretation
3. Analyze literature and explain how various components of literature work together to create meaning
4. Apply writing and revision as tools for understanding literature and its interpretation
5. Recognize and interpret relationships between British literature and its literary history and culture.
Hudson, William H. An Outline History Of English Literature.
             London: Ulan Press, 2012.

Course Materials