English 251, The Rise of the Novel

King Saud University                                                             Course Syllabus
College of Arts                                                                                    Semester: II
Academic Year: 1434-1435
Instructor’s information:

Instructor’s name  Mohrah AlOtaibi
Office Hours Sunday and Tuesday 08:00-09:00, Sunday 02:00-03:00, Thursday 12:00-01:00.
Office number 90, Third Floor
Email address  mohrah@ksu.edu.sa
Website    http://fac.ksu.edu.sa/mohrah/home

Course information:

Course Title  The Rise of the Novel
Course Number  251
Course description The course offers a brief introduction to the genesis and early development as well as the fundamentals of the English novel. It familiarizes the students with terms such as plot, characterization, setting, narrative style, etc. Also some attention is given to the historical, social, and literary backgrounds of 18th century England. This is achieved by a close study of a minimum of two representative novels.
Course Objectives (i.e. Learning Outcomes as specified in the Course Specifications)
  • Improve students’ reading and analytical skills by a close reading and understanding of individual novels.
  • Introduce students to the intellectual and social issues relevant to an understanding of the 18th century novel.
  • Expand students’ understanding of the characteristics of the novel as a literary genre.
  • Teach students how to write short papers on the novel.
Textbook Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe.
 Henry Fielding, Joseph Andrews.
Supplementary Reading Material will be provided by the instructor

Methods of assessment:

Type Distribution of Marks Date of Administration Date of Feed-back (approximate)*
Journal 10 marks ( 5 for each novel)  Throughout the semester Next class
Presentation 10 marks  Throughout the semester Same class
2 Quizzes  10 marks ( 5 each) Sun. 6/4
Tue. 6/5
Next class
Midterms (2)  30 marks ( 15 each) Sun. 2/3
Tue. 15/4
Two weeks
Final Exam  40 marks
Additional notes: No make-ups will be offered for quizzes with or without an excuse. Late submissions of take-home assignments will be penalized with a one-point-deduction each late day.
Students who miss a midterm are supposed to provide me with an excuse for their absence. Only students with valid excuses will take a make-up exam. The make-up exam will cover the entire syllabus and will be in the review week.

Weekly Syllabus:

Week Topic
1  Orientation
2 Introduction to the 18th Century Novel.
Realism vs. Romance.
Important features of the novels we study.
3 Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe , Introduction to the author
5 The human and self-asserting impulses of Crusoe’s character and the importance of self-awareness
6 The religious significance of the journey in the novel and the necessity of repentance
7 The network of economic doctrines in the novel and the ambivalence of mastery
8 Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding, Introduction to the author.
9 Joseph Andrews as a form of public art
10 The formal elegance of Fielding's novel
11 The journey as a device of social criticism
12 Charity and  chastity
13 Abraham Adams as a representative of the Christian virtue of benevolence
14 Comparison between the two novels
15  Course wrap-up
Revision Week

Ground Rules:

  • It is the policy of the university that missing 25% of classes in any given course results in the automatic failure of the course. This 25% includes excused absences.
  • Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Plagiarized assignments will result in an immediate F. If you are unsure of what constitutes plagiarism, contact me for more information.
  • The syllabus is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.


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