In Vitro Cytotoxicity of Mesoporous SiO2@Eu(OH)3 Core-Shell Nanospheres in MCF-7

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Journal of Nanomaterials
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Article ID 7691861
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Initially, the sample was synthesized by a modified sol-gel process. Morphological analysis of growth SiO2@Eu(OH)3 was confirmed by applying field emission transmission electron microscopy (high and low resolution FETEM). The images confirmed the average diameter of mesoporous SiO2@Eu(OH)3 core-shell nanospheres (~392–400 nm) with a silica core of ~230 nm in diameter and a shell composed of europium hydroxide ~162 nm (thickness). Moreover, an absorption band at 280 nm was confirmed which initiates from the europium hydroxide. The photoluminescence spectrum of the nanosphere was also recorded at ambient temperature under the excitation of 3.82 eV. Cytotoxic studies in vitro were performed by applying MTT, NR assays, and morphological analysis. Morphological changes and % loss in cellular viability was assessed in human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) labeled with mesoporous SiO2@Eu(OH)3 core-shell nanospheres at different concentrations ranging from 10 µg/mL to 200 µg/mL. Current study demonstrates the quite rational strategy which might be useful in future clinical approach/applications.

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