Higher education in Saudi Arabia: Achievements, challenges and opportunities

Journal Article
Alghamdi, N . 2014
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Book Review
Higher Education System, Governance, Teaching, Learning, Research, Quality, Accreditation
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This book provides the audience with a detailed overview of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia. It joins a very small club of books written in the English language that seeks to enhance our understanding of higher education in Saudi Arabia. What separates this study from its predecessors is that it prescribes a remedy for the Kingdom’s inability to produce a significant level of knowledge workers. The book covers major aspects of the Saudi higher education system including its history, structure, governance, approach, teaching and learning methods, research output, quality and accreditation, development towards internationalisation, female education and private higher education in the Kingdom. The book consists of 17 chapters by 32 authors. 17 of whom are Saudi (53 %) from the Ministry itself and other local higher education institutions and 15 non-Saudi academics (47 %) from Australia, Ireland, South Korea, UK and USA. This in turn provides internal and also external perspectives on all issues discussed.