PHYS 104

PHYS 104 General Physics 2


Course objective: The course aims to give students introduction to electricity and magnetism.
Course outcomes: The Main ILOs are:

  1. Basis of electricity and Magnetism.
  2. Generic skills such as communication, problem solving and reporting.    

Textbook:         Physics for Scientists and Engineers (6th Edition) 
                          R. A. Serway & J. W. Jewett

Chapter 23: Electric Fields

Chapter 24: Gauss’s Law

Chapter 25: Electric Potential

Chapter 26: Capacitance and Dielectrics

Chapter 27: Current and Resistance

Chapter 28: Direct Current Circuits

Chapter 29: Magnetic Fields

Chapter 30: Sources of the Magnetic Field

Chapter 31: Faraday’s Law

Chapter 32: Inductance

Chapter 33: Alternating Current Circuits

1st Midterm        – 15%
2nd Midterm    – 15%
Lab                 – 30%
Final exam      – 40%
Total               – 100%

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