PHYS 111

PHYS 111 General Physics II

Course description:
- Vectors and forces analysis, Electric forces, Field and potential, Motion of charged particle in electric field, Capacitance, Energy of charged capacitor, Direct current (DC), Ohm’s law, Resistance and temperature, energy and power, Kirchhoff's rules, Current in charged Capacitor.
- Reflection and refraction of light: Reflection and refraction laws, Refraction by plane-parallel plate, Prism, Total internal reflection and the critical angle.
- Introduction to quantum theory, Black Body radiation, Photoelectric effect, X-Rays, Nuclear Decay, Decay Law, Nuclear reactions, Radioactivity.
Course Objectives:
The course will provide an overview of topics in general physics: electricity, optics and e.m. radiation.
Course outcomes:
The Main ILOs are:
1- Basis of electricity, optics and e.m. radiation.
2- Generic skills such as communication, problem solving.
Physics for Scientists and Engineers (6th Edition)
R. A. Serway & J. W. Jewett
1st Midterm    – 15%
2nd Midterm   – 15%
Lab                  – 30%
Final exam     – 40%
Total                – 100%

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