Nuha Mohammed Alrowais- Assistant Professor in Computer science . I received the B.S. degree from King Saud University, and the Master degree from University of Sydney in Information Systems. My PhD degree was in the filed of Education and computer science .E-assessment system). I graduated from University of Southampton -UK. My research interest in E-learning and E- assessment)
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هذا المقرر يقدم المعرفة النظرية والمهارات الفنية اللازمة لنسخ ومعالجة الكلمات العربية و الإنجليزية والتعامل مع لوحة المفاتيح واستخدامها من خلال التمارين العملية .
Students are introduced to: Computers components, functions, and development; Computers hardware and peripherals; Software components and applications; Programming languages and their...