Effects of High Pressure Using Cold Isostatic Press on the Physical Properties of Nano-SiC-Doped MgB2

Journal Article
Batoo, M. Shahabuddin Shah ·Mohammad Shahabuddin · Jafar M. Parakkandy · Nasser S. Alzayed · Niyaz Ahmad Madhar· Khalid Mujasam . 2014
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In this paper, we are presenting the effects of pressure using cold isostatic press (CIP) on the physical properties of nano-SiC-doped bulk sample Mg1.15B1.96C0.04. Effects on lattice parameters, critical current density (Jc), upper critical field (Bc2), irreversibility field (Birr), grain connectivity, anisotropy, and flux pinning force maximum as a function of the pressure have been thoroughly investigated. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis shows that a and c lattice parameters are decreased due to the CIP. The mass density of the pressed samples is increased. There is no change in the Tc of the pressed samples as compared to that of the unpressed one. The Jc shows enhancement in high-field region due to the application of CIP. Surprisingly, our CIP-applied samples show lower Jc at low fields below 3 T. The Jc of the sample pressed at 0.4 GPa shows enhancement by a factor of 4 than that of the unpressed one at 6 T and 20 K while depressing by a factor of 1.1 at 2 T, and the sample pressed at 0.6 GPa has suppressed Jc throughout the entire field range measured. Such behavior is indicative of increased anisotropy as a result of CIP. This suggests that an optimum CIP value exists that improves Jc in both field ranges. The anisotropy of the CIP applied samples is increased with the exception of 0.4 GPa. There is also noticeable enhancement in the Bc2 and Birr in all the pressed samples.