Growth of Stable Bilayer CrO2/MgB2 Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition

Journal Article
Madhar, N. S. Alzayed, S. Soltan, M. Shahabuddin, A. El-Naggar, I. V. Kityk, S. E. Qaid, Jafar M. Parakkandy, M. S. Shah, Niyaz Ahmad . 2014
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J Supercond Nov Magn
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We have used the pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique followed by post-annealing process with magnesium vapor at 700 ◦C for 30 min to grow a high-quality CrO2/MgB2 bilayer prepared on Al2O3 (1102) single crystal. The X-ray diffraction patterns showed high-quality orientated growth of MgB2 phase. The obtained films were approximately 300 nm thick and had lateral dimensions of 5×5mm2. SQUID magnetometry, magneto-optical Faraday microscopy, and magneto-transport techniques were used in order to measure the critical current density (JC) that was found to be 7–9 × 106 A/cm2 at 15 K. Transition temperature (TC) for the films was ∼ 37 K. The obtained magnetic hysteresis loops at low temperatures exhibited asymmetry with respect to H = 0. This can be explained in terms of pinning of flux lines in the films due to magnetic interaction with the ferromagnetic CrO2 layer.